Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Happy Caturday

We didn't intend to post today but Mom got VERY excited about a purchase this morning, so we decided to be gracious and do it anyway.

She found this at Petsmart, clearance, $15.99, regular $42.99.
She loves a bargain with a deep passion, so she snagged this (the last one).
 It's actually for long hairs, but trust us, that didn't stop her at all.

My fur is thick and plush, and yes, hairballs are... well... a ladycat doesn't yak and tell.
So I lounged here and enjoyed a long salon session with my stylist. 

Mom! You pulled off enough furs to make Leia her very own Mini-Me!
Oh, wait..... do we really want that?!

I got my turn too.

I kind of enjoyed it. My fur is really nothing like Leia's.
And my hindquarters are very sensitive with my arthritis,
so Mom was extremely careful with me.

Happy Caturday!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Finally Friday

Sheesh, Mom, can't a fellow have some quiet time? 


Thanks. Turn off the light as you leave.

Well folks, we made it to Friday. For some of us, we had our doubts...
Mom says this should, hopefully, be a quiet weekend for us.

Enjoy yourselves out there, and stay safe.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Little Monroe, Newest Angel

Our furriends over at Random Felines lost their tiny foster orange boy, Monroe, on Tuesday. Please visit them if you can. They are very sad.

We here at The Whiskeratti extend our deepest sympathies for your loss, and also thank you for all the hard work you do with fostering cats and kittens. You bear many burdens doing this work, and on behalf of the feline community, you have our admiration and gratitude (as do all the other foster families out there).

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mancat Monday - I'M BACK!!!!

I'm glad to be back on MY regularly scheduled day. But we all know how GIRLS are. Gotta keep 'em happy, I guess.

This weekend was pretty eventful. Lots of noise outside - wind and rain. Mom says it was really awful. Leia and I stayed near her most of the time so she wasn't too anxious.

In other news, I'm eating well again. I still don't like having that medication twice a day
but it's working, and that makes Mom very happy. 
She was putting in some serious OT to get me to eat enough.

We hope that everyone out there stays safe and dry and has lots of bottled water (if they need that).

Happy Monday!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our Caturday Is... Matthew is Being VERY Rude

Mom says people here don't typically park on the lawn. 

But she's grateful for the neighbors who were banging on doors to let us know, 
hey, probably want to move your car!

If you biggify and look at that blue hatchback behind her car, you can see how high the water rose. And that car is about the same height from the ground as Mom's.

PS: It's only 1:54pm here. Many hours of rain left to go.